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Plan Now for Fall Activities to Keep You Feeling Good!

“The more active you are—physically, mentally, and socially—the better you’ll feel.

Almost every article, report or instruction that I have read on healthy aging will testify to that statement.  So it’s good to know that our community has resources available to help keep older adults engaged and active and learning new things.  That’s right, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

When I picked up my mail this week I found the Fall 2014 Activity Guide from the City of San Mateo Parks and Recreation.  Now is a perfect time to peruse the Activity Guide: .  In particular flip to the Adult Lifelong Learning section and you’ll find all kinds of workshops being offered, from Brain Fitness, Nutrition & Physical Fitness to Advanced Health Directives and Financial Scams.  They have a plethora of great activities from Flower Arranging, Yoga, Walking Excursions, Technology Tutoring & Instruction to Painting Classes, Digital Photography and Line Dancing. All kinds of interesting activities to choose from!

The City Parks and Recreation Department is just one of many resources out there offering older adults various opportunities to stay connected to people and their neighborhood, to learn new things about themselves, a craft or a country, and all these are a means for feeling good – mentally, physically and socially.

Share some time together with your parent or grandparent or spouse perusing the Activity Guide and see if there just might be something they’ve always wanted to try or learn or do.  Encourage them to make plans now to have a wonderful, engaging activity to look forward to this fall. Remember, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

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